Gold Rate in Chandigarh

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Today Gold Rate in Chandigarh

Today Gold Rate in Chandigarh : Find Gold Rate in Chandigarh Today and also know the 14 Carat, 18 Carat and 22K Gold Selling Price Today precise Chandigarh Gold Price. Gold Rate in Chandigarh keeps changing continuously as per its demand.

Day 22k (Gold Rate per 10 grams) 22k (Gold Rate per 8 grams) 18k (Gold Rate per 10 grams) 14k (Gold Rate per 10 grams)
Rs 66,800 Rs 53,500 Rs 51,000 Rs 41,000

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Gold Price in Chandigarh - 24K, 22K Gold Selling Price Today

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Are you looking for Gold Price in Chandigarh?

Do you wish to know 22 Carat Gold Price Today?

What is 24 Karat Gold Price today in Chandigarh?

All of your queries will be answered in this article by Jewel House.

‘Gold Price in Chandigarh’ has always been the center of attention. Regardless of whether people want to buy gold or convert their old-fashioned ornaments into cash, all wish to know the Gold Price today in Chandigarh.

Being one of the most precious metals, the value of gold never depreciates. Gold is a great investment medium as well as friend in need. Gold price in Chandigarh changes constantly on the count of its demand.

India is a land of festivals and celebrations. Be it Dhanteras, Diwali, Dussehra or marriage, people prefer to buy gold over anything else since it is the safest investment. During festival or wedding seasons the demand of gold increases thereby Gold Rate in Chandigarh varies.

If you are planning to exchange gold for cash in Chandigarh, you must be aware of the current Gold price in Chandigarh. The chances are high that with due knowledge, you will be able to fetch the best returns on your gold investments At Jewel House, we are valued and trusted by our customers because we keep them acquainted with gold rate in Chandigarh. Whether you are selling your gold in an emergency or just for a reinvestment purpose, our first step towards the buying process will be updating you with the gold price in Chandigarh.

Gold Rate History Trend of last 50 years in India

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This chart contains the average annual price for gold from 1970 – present.
Year Price (24 Carat per 10 grams) Year Price (24 Carat per 10 grams)
1970 Rs.180.00 1971 Rs.190.00
1972 Rs.200.00 1973 Rs.270.25
1974 Rs.500.00 1975 Rs.530.00
1976 Rs.4301.00 1977 Rs.480.00
1978 Rs.680.00 1979 Rs.930.00
1980 Rs.1,330.00 1981 Rs.1,800.00
1982 Rs.1,640.00 1983 Rs.1,800.00
1984 Rs.1,970.00 1985 Rs.2,130.00
1986 Rs.2,140.00 1987 Rs.2,570.00
1988 Rs.3,140.00 1989 Rs.3,150.00
1990 Rs.3,200.00 1991 Rs.3,460.00
1992 Rs.4,333.00 1993 Rs.4,150.00
1994 Rs.4,600.00 1995 Rs.4,680.00
1996 Rs.5,170.00 1997 Rs.4,730.00
1998 Rs.4,050.00 1999 Rs.4,240.00
2000 Rs.4,400.00 2001 Rs.4,300.00
2002 Rs.4,990.00 2003 Rs.5,600.00
2004 Rs.5,860.00 2005 Rs.7,000.00
2006 Rs.8,400.00 2007 Rs.10,800.00
2008 Rs.12,500.00 2009 Rs.14,500.00
2010 Rs.18,510.00 2011 Rs.26,400.00
2012 Rs.31,050.00 2013 Rs.29,600.00
2014 Rs.28,000.00 2015 Rs.26,350.00
2016 Rs.28,630.00 2017 Rs.29,670.00
2018 Rs.31,440.00 2019 Rs.35,230.00
2020 Rs.41,200.00 2021 --
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Chandigarh 24k Gold (99.9%) Price

Chandigarh 24k Gold (99.9%) Price for Today is updated here. Watch this current Chandigarh 24k Gold (99.9%) Price before selling. 24k Gold is 99.9% pure and always costs more than 22k Gold rate and 24k Gold i.e., 99.9% Pure Gold would fetch you a better price.

Gold Price in Chandigarh - 22 Carat vs. 24 Carat

Gold unit known as “Karat” or “Carat” refers to the purity of gold. 24 Carat (24K) gold is taken into account as pure gold, i.e. 100% gold. 22 Carat (22 K) consists of some portion alloy mixed with gold, which means, 91.7% of the composition is pure gold and therefore the remaining is alloy in 22K Gold.

What is Gold Rate in Chandigarh?

Today, the retail market of 22K (22 Carat) Gold Selling Price Today Gold rate in Chandigarh is Rs. 4395 per gram and 24 carat Gold rate in Chandigarh is Rs. 4794 per gram. 8 Gram 22 Carat Gold Rate in Chandigarh retail market is Rs.31704 and 8 Gram 24 Carat Gold Rate in Chandigarh is Rs.33272.

How to Calculate the Value of Old Gold Jewellery?

Following reference is provided for the customers on how to calculate an approximate value of their old gold jewellery. A very simple & affordable formula is used to calculate the value of old Gold Jewelry

  1. Test the purity of your old gold at any gold testing or assaying lab.
  2. A test report will be provided by the lab, stating the accurate weight of the sample & its purity in percentage or karats.
Best Gold Price in Tricity

Gold Price

Chandigarh is one of the premium cities in India which is home to the most warm-hearted people. Like all the other states, people of Chandigarh also are keen to invest in gold. The reasons why gold is a preferred mode of investment is because it is a very liquid asset which has great returns. The daily gold price in Chandigarh fluctuates in great range, but, lately has been above the bar. Gold is usually bought as an ornament or as a security for future or emergency conditions. Moreover, Gold is one investment tool that does not have a depreciation value. It is the best way to hedge against inflation and thus frequently invested in.

Best Gold Price in Tricity

Effect of Corona Virus on Gold prices in 2021

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Undoubtedly, the advent of Corona virus in 2020 has caused massive fallout in global economy owing to the lockdown implemented by nations to curb the spread of deadly disease.

According to International Journal of Economics and Business Administration, the downfall in the global market is likely to make investors seek shelter in gold for some time to come. Therefore, the demand for gold may continue to elevate, simultaneously Gold price in Chandigarh until a vaccine is successfully invented to stabilize the global economic outlook.

Also, Sitashwa Srivastava (Global investment platform Stockal Co-Founder and Co-CEO) claimed that in 2021 gold will remain relevant for investors as central banks across the globe have taken an oath to keep gold rates low, and easy liquidity to help in growth. He also said that a stimulus package from the US government will add on to the prevailing dollar liquidity in the system and may end up weakening the greenback.

Daily gold rates in Chandigarh

The gold rates in Chandigarh are extremely volatile. If you are in financial crisis, you can sell your old gold near me to Jewel House and get money in return. The best gold buyers near me will update the daily price of gold in Chandigarh and offer the best returns. Gold is an important asset when you are looking to get loans or want to sell them to generate instant cash.

Cash for Gold: Your way to end your financial troubles:

Jewel House is a dedicated and trusted gold buyer in Chandigarh. If you need money, want to liquidate your gold investments or sell your old and broken gold jewelry, Jewel House welcome you in our store. Gold is known to be the most precious metal in the entire world. They are valuable in our culture and have proven to be very useful in times of difficult financial problems. Jewel House is the best old gold buyer near me in Chandigarh, offering you the best value for your gold assets at the best gold price in Chandigarh. We have helped several distressed gold owners in selling their gold at the best daily gold price in Chandigarh and meet their financial requirements. We accept all kinds of gold items including old & broken jewelry, gold ornaments, gold bars and biscuits and in return, offer you the best price for your asset.

Best Gold Price in Tricity

Sell your old gold at the best gold price today in Chandigarh:

People in Chandigarh prefer to sell gold for instant cash, in order to overcome their financial crisis. The only thing a person who needs money want is to get the best price for his or her assets. Whether you are selling your gold because of a financial problem, or want to get a return on your investment to boost your portfolio, you can now sell your gold at the best gold price in Chandigarh.

We, at Jewel House are the most renowned gold buyers in Chandigarh to contact when you are willing to sell your old gold. There are endless reasons that might compel you to sell your gold, including, further studies of your children, fulfill a loss in business, an emergency medical expense, fund your start-up, purchase a new property and want to avoid taking loan or want to fund any other financial need. Whatever your reason may be, sell your gold near me at the today gold rate in Chandigarh and end your misery.

Best Gold Price in Tricity
Best Gold Price in Tricity

We assess your gold to pay you a fair price:

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One of the biggest problems that gold owners’ faces while selling their old gold is getting duped because of unawareness. At Jewel House, we not only offer you current updates on the daily prices of gold in Chandigarh, but also offer you the returns based on that. We have a team of expert professionals who assess your valuables and calculate the price for them based on current gold price in Chandigarh.

The gold price in Chandigarh changes rapidly and there are very few buyers who keep a track of the changes or offer the price based on the existing prices. At Jewel House, however, we are different. Not only we have dedicated individuals keeping track of the fluctuations in the gold rates on daily basis, but we also keep our clients aware of that.

As you approach us with your gold selling requirements, we assess the value of your gold and calculate the price based on the current gold rate in Chandigarh. With us, you can rest assured that you are getting the best value for your gold valuables. This way, you not only meet your financial requirements but also have the satisfaction to have sold your gold for a fair price and not have been at a losing end.

What we accept?

At Jewel House, we accept everything of gold. You can come to us with your Gold Rings, Gold Chains, Gold bars or coins, Gold Anklets, Gold Bracelets and all other types of Gold Ornaments. You do not have to worry if your gold is old or broken, the yellow metal always has a high price and we are the true appreciator. Gold will always bear a great value for you, irrespective of its age and its physical appearance.

Gold price in Chandigarh: To-Do list before selling old gold:

If you are planning to sell your old gold in Chandigarh, you must check out the following things before contacting cash for gold buyer near me in Chandigarh:

  1. Do not forget to know the gold price in Chandigarh at Jewel House. We offer our clients complete information about the existing gold rates.
  2. Before selling the gold, have a rough idea of the gold value, later the professionals will assess your gold and offer you the exact value. At Jewel House we have expert gold assessors who evaluate your gold on all parameters before offering you the price quote.
  3. Always choose for a reliable mode of payment. Instant payments are recommended. At Jewel House, we offer you instant cash for gold near me. You can choose cash, cheque, NEFT, RTGS and any other preferred mode of payment as per your requirement.
Best Gold Price in Tricity

What fluctuates the Gold Price in Chandigarh?

Economic factors (such as GDP rates, stock market indices), political factors, global events such as wars, pandemic, etc. can influence Gold price in Chandigarh. Considering India, Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (MCX) governs the online trading gold derivatives transactions and provides platform for price uncovering along with risk management. Closing price of gold on previous day = Purchase price gold in Local market for present day.

Following are some factors which affect today gold rate 22 Carat:

  1. Central Bank Decisions: Gold is a precious metal whose value can never be depreciated and gold contributes to survival. In India, the gold reserve is governed by RBI. If RBI changes its gold reserve policies, gold price in Chandigarh changes.
  2. Change in Government policies: Change in policies made by developed or developing nations can influence the price of gold globally.
  3. Current trends in Investment: People are becoming more and more aware in terms of economics trends. They have realized that gold is profitable when investment is made for long term. Thus, people have begun looking for other investment opportunities. This affects the 22 Carat gold price today as well.
  4. Change in Currencies: The variations in global currencies influence Gold price in Chandigarh as gold is traded on international markets.
Best Gold Price in Tricity

How can you keep yourself updated about the daily gold prices in Chandigarh?

You can always check the latest news bulletin to get the latest gold price in Chandigarh. There are also newspaper sections that show the prevailing gold rate today in Chandigarh. Also, when you visit a gold buyer in Chandigarh, it is the responsibility of the buyer to give you information of 22 Carat gold price today. At Jewel House, we make sure that our clients are well aware of the gold rate today in Chandigarh, before they sell us any gold valuable.

Best Gold Price in Tricity

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Q. 1 How is gold price decided?

Ans. The price of gold is determined by multiple factors like - the spot rate of gold, the predicted changes in supply of gold, interest rates on banks fixed deposits, demand for the precious metal, economic stability and the estimated cost of transporting and storing the physical gold.

Q. 2 What will be the effect of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on Gold price?

Ans. The gold price is elevating as coronavirus is spreading fast. In 2020 so far, gold price has already increased 10 per cent in India. The gold price will reach Rs 50,000 if gold price will rise around 16 per cent.

Q. 3 Why gold price vary across Chandigarh in India?

Ans. Gold rates are varied after considering various factors like - local taxes, quantity of gold purchased, transportation costs etc.

Q. 4 Why gold rate fluctuates daily in Chandigarh?

Ans. Numerous political, economical and global factors affect the rate of gold in Chandigarh. Many events at local and global levels such as the stock market indices, currencies exchange rates, gold mining, gold consumption rate etc. have an impact on the gold price globally.

Q. 5 What are the various options available for gold investments in Chandigarh?

Ans. You can choose from various options, if you want to invest in gold like Physical Gold Jewellery/Bars and coins, Gold Exchange Traded Funds (Gold ETFs), Gold Mutual Funds and Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGBs). Further, such gold investments can be used at the time of your financial crisis where you can sell your old gold at the best gold buyer in Chandigarh.

Q. 6 Why there is difference in the gold price of 24k and 22k gold?

Ans. 24-karat gold is 100% pure gold, having no trace of other metals whereas 22-karat gold is made up of alloyed metals like silver/copper and has 91.67% pure gold. That is why 22-karat gold is mostly used in jewellery making.

Q. 7 What is a tola? Why gold is measured in tola?

Ans. Tola is an ancient measurement unit which nowadays is restrictively used to gold measurement only. At present, one tola of gold is equivalent to 10 grams of gold.

Q. 8 How much one ounce gold weights?

Ans. Ounce is a common measurement unit used for weighing precious metals such as gold, platinum etc. It US, Ounce is still used in the day-to-day retail sale of groceries and many other domestic and international trade process.

Q. 9 Is investing in gold considered as a good investment?

Ans. Definitely, as we go down in history, gold has always been considered as a special and valuable commodity. Gold in any form (physical jewellery, coins, bars) can provide financial cover, as you can sell gold for instant cash to the best gold buyer in Chandigarh.

Q. 10 Which country has lowest price of gold?

Ans. Venezuela is the country that sells the cheapest gold.

Best Gold Price in Tricity

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