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Where to Sell gold near me

Where to Sell Gold near me
January 28, 2021

Are you searching for where to sell gold near me?

Are you worried about selling gold for cash?

Are you looking for gold buyers near me?

All your questions will be answered in the article below.

Jewel House is India’s top-notch gold buying company whose foundation is based on integrity, righteousness and authenticity. We are the perfect solution for your ‘where to sell gold near me?’ query. We are known for our quality of lending hand to the customers in times of trials and tribulations. For instance, a man needs money urgently for the treatment of his sick daughter, if he has (old) gold jewelry, he can sell his gold jewelry to us at the best possible price.

Are you still worried about where to sell gold jewelry for best price near me? We take immense pride in saying that customer satisfaction happens to the primary aim of Jewel House. Since customer is the king of market, we leave no stone unturned in meeting the needs of customers who approach us after painstakingly searching about ‘where to sell gold near me?’

Enticing customers, who anxiously research about ‘selling gold near me’, with sweet talks is not our cup of tea. We do what we say and the feedbacks from customers prove this. 

Selling gold in Chandigarh at Jewel House is quick and convenient process. Thus, keep your entire fret regarding ‘where to get cash for gold near me’ aside and approach us with enough confidence.

Eligibility- Selling gold for cash near me

  1. Any person with the age of 18 years and above who are looking for ‘where to sell gold near me?’ is eligible to transact. Persons between 18 & 21 years of age shall have the consent from their family members or legal guardian in writing with their documentation.
  2. Seller must provide 1 Photo ID & 1 Address proof for verification.
  3. Sellers can sell old gold jewelry that was purchased, inherited by him/her, or if it belongs to their spouse with their consent.
  4. Sellers cannot sell gold articles that belong to their friends, relatives, colleagues, or any other person.

Procedure- Selling Gold near me

Convert your gold into cash at the best price

  1. Collect all the gold jewelry that you wish to sell for cash near me and reach us.
  2. When you will arrive at Jewel House for selling gold near me, you will be taken to an individualized secure room where experts will examine the purity of your gold jewelry.
  3. Valuations in front of customers only: The gold valuation is done with utmost privacy with customers and valuation experts in the cabin.
  4. Experienced and well-trained staff: Team of experienced and trained 24K certifiers check the purity and value of your ornaments.
  5. Clean & Transparent procedure: Everything is done in the customer’s presence to ensure transparency.
  6. Instant Payment: Once you agree to the valuation done, your gold is then exchanged for cash and immediate cash against your gold is paid through any of the payment modes you prefer: Cash, Cheque, Demand Draft and IMPS/NEFT/RTGS (online) transfer service.

Procedure of selling gold near me is quite ordinary and comprehensible. Thus, without pondering much on ‘where can I sell gold near me?’, come to us for the best business deal.

Why should you sell your gold for cash to Jewel House?

Jewel House is considered as one of the most prominent companies in conducting business deals. Reading the below written points will give you more clarity on the doubts concerning where to sell gold near me?’

  1. We Are Transparent: At Jewel House, we test and weigh customers’ gold jewelry in front of them. They need not to be worried about getting scammed or cheated. When they place their complete trust in us, we make sure not to break it for our own profit.
  2. While evaluating gold, current market price is used. Thus, the situation of a customer facing loss is negligible.
  3. We Pay Instantly: Customers will get the cash on the spot for their gold jewelry. They don’t have to anxiously wait for a day or two.
  4. We have employed highly skilled professionals for processing your gold jewelry.
  5. We treat our customers with mammoth courtesy. Feedbacks from customers have always been positive and it motivates us to work even better.
  6. The procedure of selling gold near me has been simplified for our customers. Anybody can comprehend it.
  7. All the transactions at the Jewel House are safe, secure and maintained with high privacy.

Henceforth, approach us if you are looking for selling gold for cash near me or if you are concerned about ‘where to sell gold for instant cash near me?

What do we accept at Jewel House?

If you are approaching us for selling gold for cash near me, you should know that we accept the following:

  1. Rings
  2. Chains
  3. Gold bars or coins
  4. Anklets
  5. Bracelets
  6. Ornaments

Payment Modes for selling gold for cash near me:

We pay according to your preferences.

  1. Cash
  2. Cheque
  3. Demand draft
  4. IMPS
  5. NEFT
  6. RTGS

Warning: Jewel House doesn’t buy stolen or unauthentic gold. Selling gold or fake gold is an ugly crime and if found FIR will be registered against that person in the local police station. We don’t accept any transaction from minors under any situations.

To conclude, Jewel House is one of the top gold buying companies in Chandigarh. It is 100% Safe and legal to carry out transaction with us.  Our testing equipments, swift valuation & payment process makes it easy to exchange gold for cash hassle free. Ergo, stop searching for ‘where to sell gold near me?’, ‘where to sell gold jewelry for best price near me’ and come to us without any hesitation. Also, if your relatives are searching for ‘where to sell gold near me?’, give them our reference.


Q 1. What are the benefits selling through Jewel House?

A 1. After careful consideration on ‘where to sell gold near me?’ you have arrived at Jewel House. Thus, we give you the best price, professional valuation and instant payments.

Q 2. Do you charge for Testing and Valuation?

A 2. Estimation is provided free of cost, but however if you only require a valuation and don’t want to sell the jewels then we definitely charge.

Q 3. Will my ornaments get damaged due to Testing?

A 3.  Your ornaments will not get damaged while testing.

Q 4. How will I be paid?

A 4. All payments will be based on our company guidelines either by CASH / CHEQUE/ DEMAND DRAFT/ NEFT / IMPS / RTGS.

Q 5. What are the documents required for selling gold ornaments?

A 5. You must produce 1 Photo ID & 1 Address proof out of the following documents i.e. driving license, Passport, Ration card, Election ID, Work ID, Telephone bill, Mobile bill, Property Sale Deed etc.

Q 6. Can I sell my jewellery if I am 18 to 21 years old?

A 6. If you are aged between 18 to 21 years you need to have consent from your parents or legal guardian, we will require a written letter and their photo id & address proof in order to transact.

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