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How to Exchange Gold for Cash?

How to exchange Gold for Cash - How to sell gold for cash
February 1, 2021

Are you looking for how to exchange gold for cash?

Do you want to sell gold for instant cash?

Are you interested in knowing how to convert gold into cash?

If yes, you are at the right place. Convert your gold into cash at Jewel House.

Read the article below to grasp how to convert gold into cash.

Jewel House is a primer brand and one of the most trusted as well as respected gold buyer in Chandigarh India which is prominent in converting gold into cash. The company is established on strong morals and ethics like authenticity, integrity and righteousness. We are a significant company which toils hard in providing the best value to the customers for their gold jewelry.

Customers shall know that their gold assets are only worth liquidating when they get the right price for them.

We take immense pride in saying that we have served many customers from Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, Zirakpur, Kharar, Solan, Shimla, Una, Pinjore, Baddi etc. That’s why our visitors, old or new, place immense trust in us. Moreover, we rely on the famous saying: “a friend in need is a friend indeed.” which means we help customers in the times of adversities by buying their gold at the best possible price. 

Keeping customers’ convenience in consideration, we offer flexible payment methods.

At Jewel House, after completing business transaction, you will not only reach home with the light of joy on your face but also useful knowledge on how to exchange gold for cash.

How to Exchange Gold for Cash?

We strongly believe that before customer conducts business deal with the company, he/she/they should do painstaking research on the procedure of how to exchange gold for cash. This ensures that he/she/they don’t get scammed or cheated due to lack of knowledge or expertise.

  1. Find renowned buyer: It is secure to transact with a company which bears taintless image in the market. Jewel House is the top-notch gold buying certified company which has a fixed location and received the most positive feedbacks.
  2. Make a list of what you plan to sell: Planning and organizing are the most important steps before performing any task, otherwise you’ll get perplexed. Collect and organize your gold jewelry (old or new) and then approach to Jewel House for converting gold into cash.
  3. Visit Jewel House for exchanging gold for cash: Before arriving, you can call  9815150400. We also provide free consultation regarding gold selling process to our customers.
  4. One-to-one meeting: It’s advised to conduct one-to-one meeting for selling your gold jewelry for cash. This provides you the opportunity to understand the actual worth of your gold asset.
  5. Ask questions: The more questions you’ll ask, the more clarity you’ll get on the doubts concerning gold selling process.
  6. No Pressure: Always keep in mind that the buyer who forces you to sell your jewelry is never the genuine one. A genuine gold buyer like Jewel House will respect your choices and preferences and never pressurizes or manipulates you to sell your ornaments.

Why Jewel House for Exchanging Gold for Cash?

  1. Premier and respected gold buyer with invaluable experience
  2. Highest price for your gold ornaments in the market
  3. 100 % customer satisfaction
  4. Trained staff with supreme ethics who educate sellers and maintain transparency
  5. Safe and secure
  6. Flexible payment methods
  7. Positive reviews from our old customers
  8. Accepts any type of gold: Old, New, Broken, Scrap
  9. Convenient and comprehensible gold selling process

Tips on how to Exchange Gold for Cash

  1. Before you approach certified jewelry store, you shall check the spot price of gold in the market.
  2. We don’t deny the truth that bargaining is the right of customers, but you should be little considerate about gold jewelers as well. If we buy your ornaments at our loss, how would our business flourish?
  3. The best time to exchange gold for cash is: i) Gold isn’t only a symbol of richness and purity but an emergency fund as well. You can sell your gold in case of financial emergency or in the need of instant cash. ii) When the market price of gold is sky-high
  4. It’s advisable to visit different buyers and choose the best one.
  5. Once you have selected the buyer, you much do extensive research to grab full information on their way of conducting business. You can call them or visit their official website to collect the valuable information. Don’t forget to read the testimonials displayed by gold buyer on their website.
  6. Bring the bills of gold ornaments that you want to exchange for cash to the gold buyer. This will avoid conflict of interest on the purity of the metal. Jeweler won’t be able to deny the right value of the metal as per present rates.
  7. We will not buy your gold jewelry unless you show your identity proof to us. We need to make sure person who is selling us gold is an authentic one.
  8. Gold jewelry must not be stolen; otherwise, we have to take legal action against you.

Eligibility for Exchanging Gold for Cash

  1. Any person with the age of 18 years and above is eligible to transact. Persons between 18 & 21 years of age shall have the consent from their family members or legal guardian in writing with their documentation.
  2. Seller must provide 1 Photo ID & 1 Address proof for verification.
  3. Sellers can sell old gold jewelry that was purchased, inherited by him/her, or if it belongs to their spouse with their consent.
  4. Sellers cannot sell gold articles that belong to their friends, relatives, colleagues, or any other person.

To conclude, exchanging gold for cash is quite simple and comprehensible process. At Jewel House, you can exchange your gold for cash at the best market price. Even after reading the article, doubts still linger in your mind, you can call us at 98151 50400 for more information on how to sell gold jewelry for cash.


Q1. What are the benefits of converting gold into cash with Jewel House?

A1.  If you come to us for converting gold into cash, we give you the best price, professional valuation and instant payments.

Q2. Can I get the payment by NEFT or RTGS?

A2. Yes, below 2 lakhs through NEFT and above 2 lakhs through RTGS. (Name as in bank records, Account number & type, IFSC code, Bank name & branch details are required). Your cheque book will contain all this information.

Q3.  What quantities can I sell my broken or tampered jewellery?

A3. No quantity is too small or big for us; you can sell any quantity. Yes, we also purchase broken, scrap or junk gold ornaments.

Q4. What are the documents required for selling gold ornaments?

A4. You must produce 1 Photo ID & 1 Address proof out of the following documents i.e. driving license, Passport, Ration card, Election ID, Work ID, Telephone bill, Mobile bill, Property Sale Deed etc.

Q5. Can I sell my jewellery if I am 18 to 21 years old?

A5. If you are aged between 18 to 21 years you need to have consent from your parents or legal guardian, we will require a written letter and their photo id & address proof in order to transact.  

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