Sell your Gold in Chandigarh

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sell gold in Chandigarh

Get Instant Cash for Gold

Sell gold for instant cash in Chandigarh with us, We pay instant cash in exchange of your gold, on the spot.

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sell gold in Chandigarh

Release your Pledged Gold

Jewel House services also comprise of helping you getting your pledged gold released from banks and getting rid of interests on your gold

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sell gold in Chandigarh

We Buy Gold

Jewel House is best gold buyer.You can any time sell gold for instant cash and get a handy amount to fulfill your needs.

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How it Works within 10 minutes*

sell gold in Chandigarh
Payment Modes

Payment Modes: Cash for Gold

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Our staff here is highly professional and expert in the field. They will provide you with 100% accurate gold price. We deal in both modes online as well as offline. The procedure for gold testing is completely transparent and is done by our experts. Get instant money for your gold through any of the following modes:

Cash, Cheque, Demand Draft, IMPS, NEFT, RTGS

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Reasons to Sell Gold Jewellery for Instant Cash in Chandigarh

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In India, we have a lot of options available to buy any gold ornament and same for pledging our gold but, in case if we want to sell our gold items (due to any financial crunch), then there are minimal options available.

There occur various reasons why people are left with no choice but to sell gold:

  • Modern machines that give the most accurate evaluation of the purity, value, and weight of your gold immediately with truthfulness and transparency.
  • 100 % crystal clear and unwavering quality.
  • Jewel House uses modern and advanced methods for the melting process in order to ensure that no gold of customer is left stored and customer get the real cost for their gold.
  • You can sell your gold in Chandigarh and receive cash immediately. For gold jewelry with a value higher than Rs. 10,000, the amount will be transferred to your bank account directly.

Therefore, if you have any set of Gold jewelry, gold bars or any other valuable of gold, you can come to the best gold buyers in Chandigarh, Jewel House , for selling your gold in order to get instant cash at its actual worth.

Sell Gold in Chandigarh

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Are you looking to Sell your Gold without any hassle?

Do you want to Sell Old Gold for Cash in Chandigarh?

If yes, then say goodbye to all your worries about Selling Gold.

Sell Gold in Chandigarh – Jewel House has established themselves as the most trusted Gold Buyer and has been catering customers from many years with utmost transparency and reliability. Jewel House has quickly gained the public trust and recognition in the gold buying industry by executing the business in the most professional way. We lend a helping hand to our customers in their financial crisis by providing them instant cash against their gold.Transparency and Honesty are the main pillars that we always stand upon.

We, as the most renowned Gold Buyers, buy all kinds of gold related products such as gold coins, gold chains, bracelets, necklace, bangles, etc. Our main focus is to provide the highest quality of Service, Skills and Knowledge so that we can guarantee full satisfaction of our customers. Jewel House provides 100% transparent, fast and fair procedure of your gold.

So, without any hesitation, you can Sell Gold in Chandigarh at Jewel House and get instant cash.

sell gold in Chandigarh

sell gold in Chandigarh

Have Cash In Hand after Selling your Old Gold Ornaments in Chandigarh

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Jewel House in Chandigarh presents customers with both platforms for dealing, i.e. online and in person. The services are absolutely free of any and all expenses, without any hidden charges. Jewel House ensures that the customers are completely satisfied with the services they receive. So, if you're looking for Cash for Gold in Chandigarh, don't hesitate to contact us. Jewel House employs highly experienced staff and professional gold buyer in Chandigarh who guide consumers through the unified process of selling gold and put forward the highest price to the customer among all other buyers.

Get Cash for Gold in Chandigarh through A Reliable Gold Buyer

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The growth of our company is based on the trust and happiness of our customers. Jewel House has become the fastest growing company in Chandigarh which deals in buy and release pledged gold from banking institutions and pawnbrokers.

  • Our primary focus is to satisfy our customer’s needs by providing them with an instant and correct solution to their financial problems.
  • We always go the extra mile in order to get the best possible deal for our customers.
  • We have an excellent support team which provides top-notch services to our customers.
  • With our quality and transparent service, we have managed to garner happy customers over the short period of time.
  • Highest customer service and the best price is guaranteed for their old gold jewellery, anywhere in India.
sell gold in Chandigarh

You are just required to bring your Gold items and rest is our responsibility. We provide you with instant cash against your gold within 10 minutes after the evaluation of your gold by our experts in a fair manner.

Your jewelry will be fairly checked by our experts with full transparency, i.e. all the processes will be performed in-front of you, and guided by the expert at every step of the evaluation.

Jewel House is the best and the most renowned gold buyer in Chandigarh which offers best price for your gold instantly under transparent procedure.
Jewel House is a reputed firm which is professionally managed by gold buyers in Chandigarh. We provide you with detailed reports about your gold ornaments before going ahead with the deal and keep the entire process transparent.
Yes, we do have testimonials of customers who have been thoroughly satisfied by our services and are more than happy with the prices we offer for their gold.
Jewel House thoroughly evaluates the gold and determines the correct price of your gold items based on its weight, purity and daily price of Gold.
By law, you are required to provide the buyer with a photocopy of your identification, a signature stating that you’re the owner of your property and a thumbprint.
Jewel House believes in paying the highest price for your second-hand gold instantly on the spot, without any kind of delay.
Jewel House provides you with the highest commodity price with professional valuation and serves you with instant cash for your gold.
Gold is only evaluated in the customer’s presence to ensure complete transparency. It takes only 10 minutes for the team of experienced and trained 24K certifiers to perform the whole process.

No, the valuation of your gold is free of cost at Jewel House.

No, we will not be able to re-sell it to you, as we immediately send it to melt for the purification process.

Jewel House doesn’t require extensive documentation. You may need to submit your one photo ID proof and one address proof to go ahead with the deal.
Get instant cash for gold through any of the payment modes: IMPS / NEFT / RTGS / CHEQUE / CASH / DEMAND DRAFT.
Yes, you can sell your gold ornaments. It does not matter if you are from Mohali, Zirakpur, Panchkula, Kharar or from any other city/state. You will just be needed to provide 1 Photo ID & 1 (local) Address & 1 (Native) Address Proof in order for the process to move forward.
Yes, we do. As of now, we are present at SCO 7, Sector 19-D, Chandigarh. You can easily locate the establishment as it is in close proximity to Near 18 - 19 Light Points in Chandigarh. For further details, please feel free to call us at 98151-50400.
Jewel House Chandigarh is functional on Monday:- 10:30 Am - 8:00 Pm | Tuesday:- 10:30 Am - 8:00 Pm | Wednesday:- 10:30 Am - 8:00 Pm | Thursday:- 10:30 Am - 8:00 Pm | Friday:- 10:30 Am - 8:00 Pm | Saturday:- 10:30 Am - 8:00 Pm | Sunday:- Closed
No, Jewel house does not charge any interest because we buy your gold and give you IMPS / NEFT / RTGS / CHEQUE / CASH / DEMAND DRAFT, unlike any other gold loan company.
Value of your commodity will depend on several factors such as type of metal, purity of the metal, the weight of the item, inclusion of any diamonds and gemstones and current market price.
Yes, they are highly expertized, professional and certified.

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