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Things to consider before Selling Gold in India

Things to consider before selling gold in India
November 2, 2021

Things to consider before Selling Gold in India

Things to consider before selling gold in IndiaIndians and gold can never go in different lines. However, the gold costs in India stay fluctuating. Also, there’s a variation of gold costs between other towns of India on account of hauling charges. Selling gold is no easy task but with Jewel House on your side, selling gold can’t be any simpler. There are few different components additionally that you just must imagine before purchasing or selling gold in India. Some of the components you need to keep a check on are:

  1. Purity level of Gold:
    There are different ranges of purity of gold available out there. The purity degree of gold is measured in carats. Although the purest shape is 24 Karats, it isn’t thought to be superb for jewelry making because of its fluidity. Your jewelry is maximum crafted of 22 Carats or 18 Carats. Inspection of your gold is completely transparent at Jewel House, that is the evaluation of gold is done before your eyes by experts. The full procedure of checking is performed in-front of you before you decide to sell your gold.
     24 Carats – 99.9% pure
     22 Carats – 91.7% pure
     18 Carats – 75% pure
     14 Carats – 58.3% pure

  2.   Invoice:
You need to have the bill of your commodity for making sure the credibility of your transaction.
Also, if one day you wish to sell or purchase gold, a bill is necessary. The presence of a bill is a
sign of authenticity to the buyer before you sell your gold to him.

3. Hallmarked Gold:
If you plan on purchasing gold, make certain that it is hallmarked. If your piece of jewelry is
hallmarked, it complies with the criteria issued by way of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).
Therefore, you should take a look at the BIS mark for your jewelry. The buyer of your gold
himself will first-handedly search for the mark before purchasing your gold. Selling of gold can
be a complex process and we aim to keep it quite simple, we provide you with the most effective
results in the shortest time possible.

4. Price of Gold:
The worth of gold keeps on fluctuating on a daily basis. If you’re making plans to sell gold, you’ll
be able to watch the traits of the marketplace and plan your sell accordingly. If gold price is
higher than normal the previous few days, you might imagine selling it. However, if the
marketplace pattern goes upward, you’ll be able to look ahead to a couple of extra days to get a
greater worth. Jewel House will provide you with the best price possible against your gold.

5. Weight:
Before getting payed for your commodity, do get your ornament weighed and checked for purity
to steer clear of any fraud. The value of gold is decided by way of the weight of the gold.
Therefore, it is very important to get it checked before-hand. This is the reason that the process
of getting the gold valued is completely transparent here at Jewel House and is performed by
experts to avoid any type of fault in calculations.


You could be a sensible gold seller, in the event you stay
attentive about the above components while selling gold for instant cash in


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