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how to calculate the value of old gold in Chandigarh

selling old gold in Chandigarh
April 11, 2023

Before getting on the point on how to calculate the value before selling old gold in Chandigarh, you first need to get a clear understanding of what actually is old gold. 

Any gold ornament or piece of jewelry which now has no artistic or antique value is considered old gold. You can visit any local jeweler with your old gold and get a new piece of jewelry in exchange for your old gold.

However, you have to pay some extra money for it. But if you don’t want to use the old gold, you can always sell it and get some extra money which you can use for any other purpose of your choice.

In this article, we will guide you so that you will get the maximum value by selling old gold in Chandigarh.

If you have old gold with no artistic or antique value, you can calculate its current market value before taking it to a gold buyer. 

First, find the current market value of your gold in your region. Gold prices tend to be different in various regions. 

Find the carat and weight of your gold. If you know the carat of your old gold and its weight, kudos! Now you can find the exact value by searching for today’s price of gold

For example, if you have 30 grams of 22-carat old gold with you, you can search on Google for “today’s price of 22-carat gold in Chandigarh”. You will get the price for 10 grams. You can then multiply it by the weight of your gold. In this case, let’s assume the current market price of 10 grams of gold is Rs. 49,900. So, the total price of your gold will be Rs. 49,900 multiplied by 3 which will be Rs. 149,700. 

But if your gold is old or if you have ancestor’s gold, there are very low chances that you know its weight. For that, you can use any weighing machine. And if you don’t know the carat of your gold, unfortunately, you have to visit any local jeweler to know its carat value. 

Or you can just calculate its weight and get a rough idea about its price. 

Pro-tip, try to sell your gold on Dhanteras. On this day, surprisingly the gold prices are higher than usual. You will definitely get a higher price.

Now you know the current value of old gold or have a fair idea about the value of your gold. Now it’s time to visit the gold buyer near your location. 

Ideally, if you know any gold buyers personally or have references, it’s better to visit them. But, if you don’t have any gold buyers in your reference, it’s better to research the gold buyer near you

You can look for their reviews and popularity online or visit them to understand their way of dealing. A genuine gold buyer will keep things transparent and give you fair advice. 

To conclude, when there is a matter of money and gold, it’s always recommended to research the gold buyers thoroughly and make yourself aware of the current price of gold. Only proceed when you are completely satisfied with the buyer. And, if any gold buyer tries to force you to make the sale, it’s better to stay clear of them. Take your time, research and when you are 100% sure, then go for the sale. 

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