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How to Sell Gold Without Bill?

How to sell gold without bill
February 2, 2021

Are you worried about how to sell your old gold without bill?                                   

Are you searching for how to sell gold jewelry for cash?

In this article, you will know all about selling gold without bill at the best gold buyers.

Most customers don’t have bills for their gold ornaments that they wish to sell. Some gold buyers don’t accept their gold without bill due to obvious reasons, such as they may fear that gold ornaments are stolen or not authentic ones. Thus, customers often look for how to sell gold without bill. The solution to this issue lies with Jewel House.

Jewel House, considered as the best gold buyer in Chandigarh, offers you exceptional experience of selling your gold for instant cash. Not only are the processes transparent, but also rates at which we buy your gold ornaments are high.  

Selling old gold resolves the number of issues such as financial restraints or return on investment. But many people are not aware of how to sell gold without bill. We want to inform you that selling gold without bill isn’t a rocket science. Jewel House offers you the best price for your gold ornaments even without bill.

How to sell your gold jewelry without bill at Jewel House?

First of all, go through the following given reasons why gold buyers ask for the bill of your gold jewelry:

  1. To check the purity of gold and of course the buying price
  2. To make sure that your gold ornaments are authentic ones

There are some jewellers who won’t give you cash for your gold ornaments but they will suggest you to exchange your old gold ornaments for new gold jewelry of same value as of former ones. Thus, you are most likely to search anxiously ‘how to sell gold near me’, ‘how to sell gold without bill. this only adds to your worries.

We, at Jewel House, will not look at you with suspicion if you don’t bring your bills of your old gold jewelry.

Read the below penned process carefully to be well-versed with how to sell your gold without a bill.

  1. Collect your old gold ornaments that you wish to sell.
  2. Before you approach Jewel House, find the spot price of gold in the market. We believe that customer should be well-informed.
  3. If you have bill, it’s good. If you don’t have bill, then it’s fine too. You just have to provide us with your Identity proof.
  4. Cash will be given instantly for your gold ornaments at the best possible price.

The procedure of selling gold without bill is too simple. Come to Jewel House without any hesitation.

For Required Documentation / Payments / Eligibility :

Click Here: Required Documents 

How Jewel House is different from others?

We have already cleared how to sell your gold without bill. Now, you will know how Jewel House stands out in the market among other players:

  1. Clear and transparent process
  2. Buy your gold ornaments at the best possible price
  3. Use high quality crucibles which do not retain any gold after melting
  4. Upto Rs 10,000 given as cash. Amounts greater than Rs. 10,000 instantly paid to your bank account via NEFT/IMPS/RTGS. Invoice is always shared.
  5. Selling gold without bill at Jewel House is easy. We accept your gold jewelry even without bills; you just have to provide us with your identity proof.



At Jewel House, you don’t have to worry about selling gold jewelry without bill. Give us your identity proof and get your gold converted into cash. For more information, Contact us.


Q 1. Why some gold buyers charge null or low service charges as compared to Jewel House?

A 1. Most gold buyers design eye-catching offers to entice the customers. But what they do is, they adjust their charges by lowering the value of the gold purities. We don’t find this practice ethical. We believe in transparency, integrity and providing quality service.

Q 2. What if my jewelry contains other gemstones?

A 2. If your jewelry contains gemstones, we will safely remove them. We can provide extra value for your gemstones, but there are no standardized procedures for determining the value of gemstones.

Q 3. Can I buy back my asset once sold later?

A 3. No, we will not be able to resell the purchased jewelry as we immediately send it to for processing and purification.

Q 4. Do you buy gold biscuits?

A 4. Yes, we buy gold biscuits as well.

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